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Thread: Another DSC2 question

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    Another DSC2 question

    Dear All,

    I have registered the for DSC2 and having a look through the pack, itappears that only AW can sign off per stalk, this is fine, but do I alsoinclude information of stalks I have done without the AW. For example, I stalkwith a FC ranger and have done so for a number of years, is this erroneousinformation as far the DSC2 is concerned? I am not querying if this informationcan be instead of the AW signature, but as an addition to it.



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    I have just done level 2, you can include it as part of your overall experience, as a separate document, but I wouldn't go into too much detail. I just included an excel spreadsheet with everything I had shot over the last 10 years but kept the detail brief i.e date, place,species,calibre and method i.e stalk/high seat/sticks and distance. and the did a precis of my experience in the booklet.



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    It gives a better picture of your experience but the 3 ICRs are the important bit

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    Hi Wills.
    Include all relevant material as a record of your experience.
    You can mention your buck which you dealt with when I took you last year.

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    Great. thanks for that. Suppose I better crack on and book some stalking.


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    Hi Paul,

    Found a photo of it the other day


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