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    sound moderator

    Has any body had a problem with the jms pes sound moderator ,i just replaced my old t8 went to zreo the new one ,had problems getting it to group 20 rounds later looked at the end and a round had hit it ! i am waiting to hear what they say !

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    I had a problem with mine also, it developed a bit of a rattle at the top end and i could not get a regular good grouping, i took it back to the shop and they replaced it and said that i should not have been using it as a bullet could have come out the side.The new one ,which is slightly longer is perfect and shoots like a dream.

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    What rifle have you got? i have a .308 so hopefully thay will replace it .

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    I also use the PES on my 308 but also switch it over to my 22250, i had no bother when i took it back they just gave me a brand new one and sent the old one away.My mate and i have also had little escapes of exhaust gases , his at the stock end and mine at the muzzle end but they say it is nothing to worry about and to be honest the gun is shooting like a dream so i wont worry, hope this helps.

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    If the thread on the muzzle hasnt been cut concentric to the bore of the barrel this may allow bullet contact in the moderator.

    There isnt much room to spare for error in any of them.

    PES are nicely made, would be surprised if the mod is at fault.

    However a bit of dirt on one side of the delrin bush and not screwed on all the way down may "tipple" the mod to one side.

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