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    Wanted ,Magazine for Tikka 595, 22 250.

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    When I was looking for a spare mag. (a year or so ago .... ) Norman Clark at Rugby had two of these. He probably still has them.

    It turned out that my M595 .22-250 was long-throated, and it's partitioned magazine restricted the overall length of the round. Sierra 63gr SMP's nudging the end of the magazine were well short of the rifling, and the pointier designs were even further away. That bugged me no end as it's not typical of Tikka's.

    As I've also got an M595 .243 I decided to get a spare .243 3-shot instead, and use this in both the .22-250 & .243.

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    I have a spare 3 shot 35 plus post if you are interested.

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    Sorted now, thanks for the replies.


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