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Thread: It happen yesterday (pups)

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    It happen yesterday (pups)

    A few of you on here knew my lab was in pup, i have never had a dog have pups before so i have been trying to get everything ready for them arriving.
    Anyway all sorted heat lamp in place over the whelping box loads of newspapers you name it the kitchen sink . i was told by my vet if i took the bitches temp from a few days before the due date it would be on or just over 37 deg as soon has it drops below they would be with me within around 24hrs, tues morn 37.7 tues eve 36.5 and they were due this coming friday 63 days. true to word with what my vet told me she had 3 yellow bitches 1 black bitch 2 yellow dogs and 3 black dogs yesterday (weds) she did brilliant i was so proud of her. p.s it happened not happen lol
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    congrats put some pics up as we all like puppy pics

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    Excellent mate look forward to the pics. How many does Livvy want to keep

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    If i get get chance tomorrow webby i will, livvy tells me she wants a yellow bitch, that was before they were born !! try give you a bell tomorrow tony.

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    Quote Originally Posted by csl View Post
    Well done Dad!
    cheers Alex, the dad is over in cheshire ! hes a cracker, he is yellow my bitch is black. speak soon mate.

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    well done to you girl mate its a good litter for your first

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    Thanks tikk308, i cant tell you how made up iam, i wasnt bothered how many she was having, i didnt want too many. but this last 10 days i just wanted everything to go rite and at the moment its happy days.

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    Excellent news Andy.

    I am looking forward to seeing the pics. Even Mrs DB shows an interest in SD when there are puppy pics to look at.

    Take care,


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    Here's the little darlings I expect Andy will put a few more up

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