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    targetcoms - Introduction

    Hi there,

    Just a quick line or two to introduce myself.

    I am a friend of tika.380 and share a little time hunting and fishing. Based in north Staffordshire with a number of acquaintances involved in the hunting and shooting scene, both through local gun clubs and private shoots in my Home County and rural Derbyshire.

    I travel quite extensively with my job as communications engineer for a national two way radio company. I can often be found swinging from radio-masts and towers around the country, as well as visiting some of the most fantastic estates and country parks in the country to maintain their two way radio equipment - used for estates management, operations and often organised shoots.

    I hope that tells you a little about myself,

    All the best - Steve.

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    Hello Steve,

    Welcome to the site.

    I suppose those masts would be no good as high seats would they


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    welcome to the site steve.

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    welcome aboard Steve

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    Hi Steve,
    Well come to the site Im sure Andy and Nick will look after you here.
    I hope you dont mind me asking but do you have anything in common with Nick!!! apart from Stalking.( go to the CLA Report 2008)


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    hes lucky smithy hes not met nick yet

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