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Thread: 2008 newbie

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    2008 newbie

    Hi all been a member since 2008 but aint been on here as you can see not only did i loose all my details for getting on here but my youngest son comandered the laptop for colledge and he is finished now so i can get back on here.

    anyway my name is Paul love shooting go when ever get the chance work on the farm live in Cambridgeshire Grafham to be precise love shooting fishing and playing in my Trooper been a member on a couple of other sites but seem to be getting full of people who who recon they shoot air rifles upto 300yrds must be throwing them out of planes


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    Welcome welcome, we did have a fella on yesterday asking about bazookas , but no 300 yard air gunners (yet)...

    It's a great site, well informed and a good dose of banter - but you likely already picked that up!


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    Welcome to the site. Made my day get off to a flying start reading about people who think they can take something out at 300yds with an air rifle, nearly choked on me tea

    As you have seen we have a low tolerance to trolls, troublemakers and dreamers.

    Anyway welcome.

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    Welcome to the site.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    seems there is a better class of fellow shooter on here compared to others, must be honest though as well as youngest taking the laptop for college i had completely forgot about the site and indeed some of the other sites i had joined, on another site which is an American one it is mad there is blokes on it that tell each other they know where they live and will kill them if there opinion does not match, oh well takes all sorts.


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    i see there is a couple of other shooters in the cambs area maybe one day we could all meet some where and put faces to names just a sugestion.


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