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Thread: 2nd Great evening in Sussex

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    2nd Great evening in Sussex

    I had a very enjoyable and successful evening yesterday with Darren Phizacklea from Viscount Stalking (Viscount – Deer Stalking UK) Top guy with 4000 acres of woodland stalking)

    Last month we stalked the estate in West Sussex and had a great time. Spotted several Munties but the bracken and their pig like scurrying made them no more than a passing interest. We saw several does making use of the pheasant feeders. As we were crossing a large open field we spotted a doe in the ride in the distance at about 150 yards. We waited for about 10 minutes and then two prickets popped into the ride having a play spar. I chose the melanistic and he dropped instantly with a heart lung shot from 140 meters. He weighed in at 75 lbs and was off to the game dealer.

    Last night we were on the other estate near Tunbridge Wells. This was from a high seat. It was an excellent evening, the weather was fine and the view stunning. After about half an hour a doe started crossing, she was really alert and looking up all the time, a few minutes later her fawn came out of cover and started crossing with her followed by another doe. All in all they must have taken about 15 minutes to cross the field. About 10 minutes after that a pricket popped out of the cover and started making his way across the field at a trot, a brief whistle stopped him and he was hit. He took off pretty sharp but only made about 10 meters, its amazing he made it that far as when we took out the pluck his heart was in tatters. So I now have a very fine 90lbs carcass waiting to go in the freezer.

    So its now 2 out of 2 for me with Viscount. I have no connection with the place other than being a satisfied customer, but I heartily recommend them if anyone is looking for Fallow, Roe or Muntjac in the south of England.

    Viscount – Deer Stalking UK

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    Good stuff, I plan on booking something with Darren as he is very local.
    Met him a couple of times, seems a good chap.

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    Agreed - I was out with him a few days ago for an afternoon stalk and thoroughly enjoyed it! Recommended

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