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Thread: A wee warning.

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    A wee warning.

    Just got my Browning o/u out of the cabinet to check and clean it for the first time since last season and the ejectors operated taking the tips off the clear plastic snap caps. i spent an hour with a small screwdriver breaking them out. It has been caused by the Youngs "303" oil i swabbed the bores with last year before storing the gun... worth a check for sure. If i had arrived at our first outside day it would have been embarrasing to say the least. Brass or alloy from now on and i reckon that is why all the top gunmakers issue nickel or gold plated?

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    I used plastic snap caps in my shotguns and they went the same way. The lip around the base of the cap sheared off leaving the caps in place. I went onto brass ones and haven't had a problem since.



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    Get more use from them !!

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    The fumes from the Youngs 303 cleaner melted the caps and they became welded on to the chambers... never again.

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    Another option might be not to leave them in the gun at all!

    When I was young and used to be fretful about uneased springs I used to let the locks go onto snap-caps, take the forend off, barrels off, snap-caps out, forend on again and store the gun in two bits (in a locked drawer under my wardrobe - happy days!)

    I don't see why you couldn't do that and then reassemble the gun uncocked for store without the snapcaps in - unless there's something funny about Brownings that prevents it - mine are just ordinary s/s boxlocks.

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    Plastic snap caps were fine in my O/U but my semi just ripped the lips off them. Metal snap caps inserted now.

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    I tend to use aluminium ones, don't trust the colour of the brass ones. It is a bit close to cartridge colour for my taste. Probably just of a nervous disposition!!!


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    common problem with a lot of youngs products the oils and fumes make plastic go to mush Hopes make some good oils and they do not affect plastic.


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    I only use brass snap caps. Not that expensive on ebay.

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    Why bother with snap caps at all?. Just hold a coin on the breech face in front of the striker to absorb the impact, job done. Apart from anything else, snap caps left in don't allow air to circulate,bad idea.


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