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Thread: 2nd Calibre

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    2nd Calibre

    Hi guys.

    I currently have a .308 and I am toying with the idea of getting a 2nd rifle.

    I shoot Munties, Roe and Fallow.

    I think I would prefer something smaller as the 308 can create a mess sometimes on the smaller creatures

    Give me ideas

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    It would have to be the olde .243 its up for any job.

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    I've Shot a tikka 6.5x55 good rifle knock down the beasts no problem. Only thing is with balistic tips makes a bit of a mess of the shoulder..... best to take a few seconds on bullet placement before you pull the trigger!!!!! i find it a very soft shooting comfortable rifle suits me down to the ground.

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    6-6x47; or

    all three would complement a .30 nicely

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    Another backing for the 6.5. It's lovely to shoot and I prefer it over the .243 as a low end Deer calibre. I never had any major meat damage with mine. Fire the heavier bullets and it'll go right through nice and cleanly.

    You'll probably end up leaving the .308 at home....

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    If the 308 creates a mess, you might want to change your bullets. However, a second rifle zeroed and ready to go is a useful part of one stalking kits. 6mm or 6.5 is nice, 243 plenty about second hand, 6mm 6.5 x 47 fun if you reload.

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    have 308 changed the 243 in for a 6.5x55 only just got it so cant really comment but looking good at the paper and some park deer O and a feral cat !

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    the trouble with you getting a second caliber is it isnt going to do anything the .308 dosnt already do, but if you really wanted to get a second caliber i would personally go with a .243 for use on the roe and munties or maybe even somthing like a .223 just for use on the munties. but what i will also say is that i bet your not really getting the itch for a new caliber but really the itch for a new rifle? so have you thought about maybe spending the money you would have spent on a new rifle on upgrading your original .308?, i dont know what rifle you have but i bet its worth a couple of hundered as a trade in on another rifle

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    I have 308 and wouldnt see past it as its top all round calibre but always used 22/250 for foxes but i wanted an alternative 2nd calibre that was red legal as well in case 308 was out of action for any reason but also pretty flat shooting so i got a 25/06 which fits the bill but i havent got on great with it so far as ive missed more foxes with it in the past few weeks than i have in the past 3 years,and im wishing i hadnt got rid of 22/250 but i,ll start reloading and see if i can get a consistent round going as seem to be too many fliers with factory ammo if that fails i,ll be getting 243 which always seem to shoot well

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