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Thread: Win 70 type safety.

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    Win 70 type safety.

    Now I am a bit of fan off 98 actions (this may make me a bad person but I am old and set in my ways) and I really like the type 70 safety on them. Has anybody had any experience of the various aftermarket bolt shrouds and safety kits which seem to be mostly available in the US of A, but may be available over this side of the pond as well.

    Any advice information would be apprediated.

    Many thanks,


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    I used to install the kits regularly. The safeties are available from Brownells (in Iowa, US) and so are the jigs to mount in the milling machine. They take a bit of machining knowledge but the results are excellent. All in all, it would probably be better to buy a shroud that is complete and finished. Of those, I have no first hand knowledge, unfortunately.~Muir

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    Thanks Muir. I notice that Haygarth offer it as an option on their 98s so perhaps they would help. Anybody had any dealings with them?


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