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Thread: Hello From East/North Yorkshire

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    Hello From East/North Yorkshire

    Evening all from the North/East Yorkshire border.

    I use a 7mm-08 with an S&B 8 x 56 on top. I am a member of a very small syndicate who manage roe deer on the 13,000 acre estate where I live. We take 60-80 animals off per annum.

    I have shot reds in Scotland and wild boar in Germany and I am hoping to travel to SA next year for some plains hunting !

    Looking forward to sharing experiences/stories with everybody on here.


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    Welcome Matt.

    Another Tikka user? Clearly an astute and discerning stalker.

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    Welcome aboard
    Good to see yet more Tikka users

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    Good Choice of rifle, I use a Tikka T3 lite stainless 7mm-08 with T8 and S & B 3-12 flashdot. C'ant better the rifle scope or calibre.
    Happy hunting

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