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Thread: MTM Predator Shooting Rest

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    MTM Predator Shooting Rest

    I am selling my MTM predator Shooting Rest as it is taking up space in my cupboard which I need for new gadgets

    Attached is a link to the company's website so you can read all about it and get the weight, dimensions etc.

    Predator Shooting Rest by MTM - PSR-30

    I used this for holding the rifle whilst cleaning and instead of sandbags for testing home loads.

    It is in excellent condition and I would like 35 for it.


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    Hi David,

    if thats 35 posted I will take it!

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    The rifle rest is now sold, apologies for the delay in updating this thread, I had to work today.

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    The first person who replied, it was via pm and I checked the time in fairness to all.

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    It would be nice if if interested parties replied with "yes please,PM on way".
    Well thats what I think anyway.


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