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Thread: S&B A4 Fine??

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    S&B A4 Fine??

    Anyone know where i might find a picture of this reticle please, anyone got a scope with it and how does it compare with the 7 ret??

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    A4 is there but no A4 Fine? Thanks anyway.

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    I had a Swarovski with the same reticle and you can lose a distant fox in all those black bars, sometimes to the point of having to drop the rifle to see if the target has gone...

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    are you sure you got it right even on the S/B site they dont show A4 fine


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    Yeas its right, i enquired about a 8x56 with this ret at macleods and had a email off Gregor saying it was better for long range than the 7, just could not find a pic. As an aside i looked at a range of scopes yesterday including S&B and ordered a Meopta Meopro instead.

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    Hi there
    S & B in A4 is a good general choice reticule.
    As far as a fixed magnification choice is concerned, I think there is a lot to be said for choosing the same as your bino's which for all practical purposes means 8 x 56.
    I have this and 8 x 56 bino's to match.
    Nothing worse than glassing a buck with 12x something or other and thinking "in range", only to find that it may not be when you look through the scope!
    If you go up a notch then 9 x 63 so as to keep the "7mm exit pupil times the magnification rule. Bino's might be a bit heavy though


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    I have an 4a on an S&B.
    fine for deer excellent all round stalking reticule
    bit tricky on small bulls on range targets and I can see how you would lose a fox

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    I have the Swaro TDSi and you can choose which eye on a 250y fox.

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