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Thread: Toyota Hilux Canopy

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    Toyota Hilux Canopy

    I have just purchased a Toyota hilux HL3 and need to get a canopy at some point. Toyota sell the snug top for the hilux and are quoting 1400 + VAT.

    Is their snugtop the best or are there other ones just as good for less money. I realise there are benefits with purchasing the dealers recommended equipment.



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    Keep an eye on eBay. Ive had the same dilemma recently and eventually found a S/H top in the right colour from a guy in Sterling. All of the canopies pretty much are made in the same place and then a badge stuck on. The one toyota sells is no better quality necessarily that any other after market canopy.

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    Ifor Williams do them for around 400,i had one made for my series 3 landy with a rear window cut out.
    They will fit it to yoy pick up as well as you wait,took about 10min.

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    What colour do you want?

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    i thought about getting a canopy but went for the roll top, it makes it easier hauling a red into the back than a canopy as you can stand up, or pull up a nearby tree and drop it in.

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    Hi all

    Thanks for your replies.
    Flyfisherman: i will keep an eye out for one on ebay. Cheers

    Gelert : Im not a lover of the Ifor williams ones but I know they are very reasonably priced.

    Chopper: I am after one in eclipse black.

    Devon Deer Stalker: I need a canopy for a dog box etc.



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    i got a good one off ebay not long ago

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