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    Parvo virus

    Just got back from the Vets, had two dogs brought back up to scratch with the second half of innoc's, & one boosted, for Parvo........... this was due a timely reminder, after being informed by the surgery that they had a very poorly dog in with the full on disease (happily the dog survived, which is unusual) when we were supposed to leave our old Greyhound for a dental cleanup & claw reductions, so keep a weather eye on your innoculation records chaps.
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    Salient reminder! It's sad but the two diseases your dog becomes vulnerable to quite quickly are lepto and parvo

    Those people that tell you a dog is immune for life are wrong - I've personally seen both lepto and parvo in dogs 2 and 3 years after the last booster.

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    let mine slip once , only by a couple of months , and nearly lost a dam good terrier to lepto after ratting , cost me loads of money but she went on to work four more years before loosing her to a fox

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