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    similar situation

    Hi all,
    I have recently brought a GWP, with the intention of using her to for fill all my shooting interestrs,she is about 2 month old, and I have been concentrating on simple obedience work, walking to heel, and dropping to whistle. My question is do I introduce her to deer/and blood tracking first or concentrate on fur and feather and retrieving/pointing. Or can I mix I don't want to overload, or confuse her, but I want her to understand that one day we might be stalking and the next rough shooting. I have read quite a lot on the subject but everybody has a different view, so was looking to anyone in a similar situation. Many thanks will

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    I am hoping that "about 2 month old" is a typo. Obedience work,walking to heel, dropping to whistle at 2 months????

    IMO any dogs nose is far more advanced than it's brain and therefore a young pup can follow a trail much sooner than being involved in formal training. At first tracking is no more than a game. If I were considering a dual purpose dog tracking would be started much sooner than fur and feather.

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