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Thread: Dsc 1 ?

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    Dsc 1 ?

    Can anyone give me the benefits of doing my level 1? I can't remember how much it costs but I remember it's well over £100? I don't have any intentions of selling what I shoot. However, I think most leases look for at least DSC1 before you can join yes?

    My biggest grudge is that I don't feel it is going to make me any more of a compitent shot. I would rather spend the money on a days shooting or a new gun tbh but it seems to be the way things are going

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    I did mine with Basc in clitheroe and did just the test during the day took about 3 hours and costs £150 i studied at home on my laptop found it very stress free


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    Landowners want the confidence of knowing that if anything ever went wrong on their land due to stalking activity they can demonstrate they have taken taken care in selecting qualified and insured stalkers to be culling their deer. Its a simple matter of protecting themselves.

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    Benefit wise its allows you to get places in syndicates that require minimum dsc1.
    Although you know you're competent these days it seems you need a piece of paper to prove it.
    If you have restrictions on your FAC it may help towards having those restrictions lifted.
    During the dsc1 test you just might meet similar minded folk and find a common wish to get together and get your own ground.
    Whilst you have no intention of selling what you shoot now that can always change.

    If none of the above applies to you then dsc1 probably has no benefit to you
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    You should do it to give money to the people who love to burden others with there nanny state attitude.

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    Hi CZ452, i did my DSC 1 in 1997 as at that time me and my father were renting some forestry stalking and it was required. However since that time i have never been asked for it again!
    I am afraid there is too much emphasis on paperwork and not on experience these days its just another money spinner. There are a few guys around here (you know who you are) with DSC 2 and you would'nt give them a water pistol! I am not saying thats everyone as some of the guys holding DSC 2 are very experienced and full credit to them but i find it a complete joke that some guy can have been stalking for 5 minutes and go off and get a level 2 (and he even sites his high seats with the prevailing wind up his arse!) and then on paper he is more qualified than i am with over 20 years experience! I have shot more deer than some of them could dream of and i like to think i do it well. Its just a lever, they get this poxy certificate then go and get some poor guy who has no paperwork yet has been stalking for years kicked out of his permission so they can go there and let loose. Trust me Level 1 or Level 2 does not make you a good stalker it just means they can name some poxy gland buried in a deers arse!!! If you dont need it mate dont waste your money.

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    Haveing stalked deer for many years I did my L1 as more and more people were asking if I was qualified .
    Deer are no more dead now when I shoot than before but I have to say it opened doors.
    now as an approved witness I would recommend you do it.
    nowadays many are not as lucky as I was being in the country all my life and mixing with shooting people from childhood it is second nature to me.
    while I do not altogther agree with it it is a sign of the times
    Incedentily I know of L2 holders who I would not let loose on their own

    you got in before me 6m and agree with you
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    I remember the BASC boys standing on their podium at a hotel in Carlisle insisting the DMQ DSC1 replacing the 'Stalking Certificate' would not be required by either police or landowners.
    Well, - 'B-----ks'. PW was a clown then & I reckon still is!
    Landowners & land agents are now beginning to insist on DSC1 as the minimum, plus insurance cover & FAC details for which they will be prepared to 'Consider' an applicant who wants to lease stalking land.
    As the issues of 'Due dilligence' etc etc come to the fore, so will increase the requirements from these organisations to lease land. As I understand, Tilhill & FE currently require DSC1 from all new applicants as of March 2011.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Taff View Post
    You should do it to give money to the people who love to burden others with there nanny state attitude.
    + 1

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    1) its good to achieve something/learn something 2) it may become manatory 3)do you know it all already ?

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