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Thread: Hedgehogs.

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    Is it me or are the Hedgehog numbers dwindleing?
    I took the dogs out the other day and came across this little one and it got me thinking....
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    I would tend to agree. I used to get them in my garden a few years ago, even to the extent that when we had a bbq and drunk to the wee hours they used to walk within a foot or so of your feet as got quite tame. Now I have only seen one this year , though see their droppings on my lawn still. Its a good idea to look up how to encourage them into your garden on the net as we are all rather guilty as our garden improvements tend to be a death nell for hedgehogs.

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    We have being feeding 4 hedgepigs in our garden for the last 6 weeks down to 3 now though as a car got one on the road!! they love dogfood thats for sure and cleanded up all the slugs too. There are not many Badgers around here at the moment if that makes any odds as i heard that black pigs like the old hedgehog for tea!!.

    "a man does good business when he rids himself of a turd"

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    number one reason for there drop in numbers,badgers plain and simple the same prob with bee colonies getting ripped up by broc.

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    Hedgehogs were common round here,the last one I saw was about three years ago. Without a doubt badgers have cleared them along with many other things, they have become the biggest pest in the countryside now in this area.

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    No shortage of hedgehogs around here. My missus feeds them every night, two or three most nights and I spread their crap every time I cut the lawn. Still mustn't grumble

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    too many badgers , not enough old grass (too much arrible), too many chemicals ie slug pellets

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    The massive increase in road traffic over the years is likely to have had an effect, more so than the demise of the Robin Reliant

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    traffic wont help but to be fair i dont think you can immagine the badger numbers down here , last year my mate counted 48 on one stubble field

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    when I was a kid there were no end of hedgehogs on the council estate I was brought up on
    now 30 years on there is still no end on the same estate( my mum tells me )
    since moving to the country I hav never seen so little in my life this last 5 years as I had done in the previous 10
    seems to me country life has changed for the worse even thou legislation has made farming more enviromentally freindly
    don't seem to be working that well by the looks of things

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