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Thread: Weaver Grand Slam Steel ring problems.

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    Weaver Grand Slam Steel ring problems.


    Ideas please to stop the scope scooting down the rings with the recoil?

    Thinking about it the torx heads on the pins are very shallow and poor compared with Allen pins, will have to be drilled out and changed as the threads seem Weaver specials.

    Anyone else experienced these niggles?

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    Nope but I wonder if you have a correct scope tube scope ring match. It could also be that the cope tube is a mite undersize so suggest you check this.

    I see a lot of adverts saying 25mm scope (1") but of course 25mm is NOT 1"................... 25.4mm IS 1".

    But it certainly sounds like a scope tube and ring mismatch on size.

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    old man

    Brit is spot on. It may be you have a one inch tubed scope and 26mm rings. My Dad's Zeiss scope has a 26mm tube and at one point I specifically bought 26mm Ruger mounts so he could put in on my .25-06. Can I suggest measuring the rings and the scope? The rings I bought weren't marked in any way and visually looked the same as 1 inch rings (25.4mm).

    As a temporary measure you could put some electrical tape round the scope tube to build up the diameter until the correct rings are sourced. Beware that the Point of Impact will change.

    Regards JCS
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    agree i would take your scope of and use a digital vernier measure the scope tube where it would mount, also do the mounts up with out the scope in them and do the same measure the I/D of the mounts if the mounts close down more than enough to hold the scope in theory if it is less than the scope tube diam then you are not locking them down enough if the measurement is the same as the scope tube your mounts need to be changed.


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    Scope and rings both from USA and measure up correctly to imperial size as expected.
    Going to try a couple of spots of acrylic frame seal and probably swop the pins for Allens.

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    Try double sided sticky tape.

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    The rings should only measure 1" across the split. On horizontally split rings if you measure them vertically they should measure about 0.990" so there is a slight gap when they are fitted to the scope tube and done up.

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    I had a similar problem years ago with a Weaver K6 in Parker Hale mounts on a BSA rifle. The answer was as dodgyrog suggested double sided sticky tape.

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