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Thread: Killer buck got him at last

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    Killer buck got him at last

    I have seen this buck for months now he has servived three stalks but this time vertually gave himself up.On first seeing him during AW stalk he stood and barked at us with no backstop and road behind him. second time between me and a house after I had called him using the buttolo. third time would not stop walking another AW stalk.Today he saw me 250yds away and I froze and he decided I needed sorting so came across new drilling to 50yds looking and stamping his fore leg at me,unfortunitaly 140gr of 6.5 at 60yds won.
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    That`s quite a weapon he`s got there.
    It`ll look good on the wall.
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    Good management!

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    That bugger needed removing, evil looking head I wonder what damage that has done? well done.

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    As said previously a good one to take out,I was put onto a similar head by Ian Farrington, same configuration/handing as yours, although a lot shorter....... would make good bookends! congrats.
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    An old buck going back by the look of his sloping coronets and really grey face, what were his teeth like?

    It's a good feeling when you seen a certain buck a few times and, for whatever reason not manage to get a shot, to finally catch up with him, especially one like him.

    Well done.


    Just looked at the picture again, had his right antler been broken and polished or was it just that length?
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    Really pleased to have him at last but worry is what damage he did in the rut boiled the head out on tuesday front teeth were long and picked out easily.we rearly get a lot of tooth wear round here must be the soft easy grazing will post pics of it later.Yes short one was broken off.
    out this morning but the fog came in so dont know if any other bucks are moving in that area he seemed to still be quite agressive to come strieght to me from 260yds.

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