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Thread: hell of a week

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    hell of a week

    well a week before our first partridge day birds everywhere pheasants too and the vermin keep turning up ! wed right next to the main phezy pen the biggest dog mink i have ever seen in a No 6 fenn and a stoat at the other end of the pen ,if the stinky had got in who knows the mayhem it would have caused ,then yesterday eve a feral cat at the end of a large maize plot ,after dark the mrs and i went for a lamp round trying not to disturb the partridge and hey presto a superb looking dog fox actually came to the new call i got from cla .then out first light as i saw another fox and what turned up two more ferals infested with moggys and just as i turned home a doe munty put in an appearance so not all doom and gloom pays not to let your guard down
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    feck me
    good job you don't hav a shoot on the doorstep of a big city
    you would of had kittens by
    good luck on your first day, it may settle your nerves if it goes well

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    got a couple of little farmstead stable type places on the boundries they seem to come from there me thinks ,looks like a late start on sat as the rugby is on not going mad just a stir up really and helps to push the phezs about a bit ,tenth year here still get nervous .....SLOE GIN

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    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    .....SLOE GIN
    mix it with Champagne and your onto a winner
    Sloegasams I think they call it
    that night is great but the morning after is a killer
    and most of the next day too
    if it ain't then you dain't drink enough , so learn for next time

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