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Thread: 4x4 mpg

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    4x4 mpg

    what are you getting to the gallon ?. Am looking for a 4x4 been looking at l200 navara hilux ranger and an x trail.manufacturers figures are let us say a bit out so lets be the way i get about 53mpg from my cmax on a run loaded to the gunnels.

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    really difficult one i have a 110 defender,and a tank does about a week,and that is just on the estate,i dont think i am above 200 miles ina week??

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    Hiya, I was out with my mate in his Mitsy L200 Warrior today, the onboard computer showed the least fuel usage all day was 28mpg...and lots of that were offroad.. My Mitsy V6 petrol does about 20MPG max!!!

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    3.0 litre hilux auto - mixed driving approx 26mpg

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    grand vitara 1.6 petrol 3dr 33mpg on road 29mpg off road

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    2006 Hilux 2.5 manual. Solid 40mpg with no canopy on. With the back on it drops to 37mpg and if im lamping a lot, it goes down to 34mpg. All worked out over the last 4 months or so using a full tank as the reference. Very impressed with the fuel consumption on these and theyre good off road. If i were going to be using it for towing regularly, i would consider the 3.0. Otherwise im very pleased with it.

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    2003 x trail deseal was getting 29 general driving town, before new turbo. Now doing 33mpg. Off road really impressive for a cross over. Only thing to falter it was deep tractor tracks and I didn't get stuck.

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    Jeep 2.8 29mpg on motorway at 2500rpm 75/80mph around town 23mpg, I have had navaras and terranos both were worse

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    My jeep SRT8 gets 12mpg

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