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Thread: How far, how fast?

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    How far, how fast?

    I know that this might sound like how high is up...but: How far does one usually walk on the typical Morning or evening stalk? Also about how far does one travel in an hour? When I have 'still' hunted, in the past, I would usually slowly walk 100yds or so. I would then sit or lean against a tree for 10min or so and then repeat the process. I tended to spook deer while traveling, and shoot more while more sitting still. I'm getting off the subject here but, that is why I have become much more a blind/stand/high seat hunter. capt david

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    IMO one of the biggest mistakes a novice stalker can make - travelling too fast and not looking enough. Most of my stalking is open woodland and although I may not stop for 10mins every time I stop, depending on my surroundings I will stop every few paces as I maybe able to see around a tree or trees from a different angle. There is little doubt that deer will detect movement even if you are using the wind to your advantage so why waste your time by making your presence obvious.

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    Every step provides a different view. Also of course, look behind you. Deer are not necessarily expecting humans to be about and your scent left behind doesn't preclude them from appearing behind you, provided the wind is 'Crossing'.

    I like to get to the highest ground I can with the widest view and then glass carefully to find a beast to stalk. In the meantime, if something appears then I'll ambush it!

    The hardest trick of all to learn is keeping still - as I learned to my cost last week.
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    As the crow flies, my main shoot is 1.5 miles long. There are times when I'm out for 4 hours and moving so slowly I still don't cover the full distance. In fact, last time I was out, I was there for 3 hours and probably moved less than 500 yards or so.
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    Walk little, look lots

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    6 paces then stop and look
    works for me
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    yep think if your asking that question you are going around to fast, and dont forget the faster you move the more noise you make as you can not assess properly where you are treading.


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    depends on the type of stalking on Roe might not go further than a couple of hundred yards, on the hill 6 to 8 miles is not uncommon.

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    First day i don't hang about looking for signs and activity ( if i bump one or two, so be it ) maybe 3 to 5 miles.
    Then slow right down and concentrate on the best areas, so very little the next day.
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