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Thread: Telescoping sticks?

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    Telescoping sticks?

    I'm toying with the idea of treating myself to a pair of those metal, telescoping stalking sticks, just need some pointers as to whose brand will be up to being used by a welder!, last I tried, packed up the same day! (weak tube sections, & twist locks were never very positive)
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    Hi Finnbear

    Plenty of cheap chinese copies out there but I recommend buying the original ones from Knobloch. Yes bit of an outlay but the quality is exceptional and will last for years (my stalking buddy has had his for 10 years whilst I have already gone through 2 pairs of the cheap copies in 5 years). Can be bought directly from Knobloch via there website. On my Christmas list as the current cheap ones I have look like they will give up shortly.



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    Maybe have a look at BogGear ? - Aftab usually has them.

    I use the tripod version, pleased with them so far.


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    hi i have had a pair of stoneypoint polecat ones for this past 13 years and they are still going strong although no longer telescopic but still do the job

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    Another vote for knobloch
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    Stoney point tripod for me_ like a portable gate post. Get the 2 sectioned leg ones from USA for less than 100 all in if you look around.

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    BogGear, I have the tripods which a swiveling V shaped rest, so you can track a moving deer by slowly moving with it, also has allen key adjustable locking devices to tighten up the locks on each section of each leg. I've got several cheap ones which always fail, a pair of Stoney point which are very light and still going O.K. my clients always like the BogPods as they are very stable and well made. Like all sticks need a rubber packing to stop any metal on metal tapping, but very solidly made, around 100 when I bought them 3 years ago. deerwarden

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    hi there knobloch all the way

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    Sorry to hijack but I've just treated myself to some knoblochs and they look very good but should you be able to lock the lower portion partially open or just fully open?
    It's not really an issue as it is solid as a rock when fully extended and the top section locks at all levels
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    i had my knoblochs nicked out of my pick up yesterday ! i got mine straight from germany last time but they cost a fortune with carridge etc ! anyone know if there is a uk supplier for them ?

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