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Thread: Roe Deer and Winter Questions

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    Roe Deer and Winter Questions

    Hi All,

    Well, winter's getting close and it will be my first winter stalking. Here are some wintery quesitons :

    I read, and am advised that Roe do not like wind and rain and will stay under cover until the sun comes out, and I try to follow that advice.

    But when you are already comitted to a stalk and it's been raining all day, or for a few days, do you really have no hope? Will they brave the rain more this time of year as food is getting scarce?

    Do you also find they frequent grassy areas more this time of year as the broadleaves are shedding their leaves?

    Finally, will they appear much more during the day as the days are getting shorter?

    Any other winter stalking tips?



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    The weather rules there lives and if you consider they suffer from the weather like we do you wont go far wrong . But there are a few facts you will need to know one is they MUST eat every few hours so they will be out eating but for the minimum of time look in places that are sheltered from the wind in small open areas in the woodland canopy under the edges of pine trees small deep drainage ditches. I find they don't mind the cold or the rain its the wind that cuts through them . If it is dry and sunny they seem to head out to the open areas for much needed brows they couldn't get on the colder days.
    Many times out lamping in the winter i have come across Roe deer well feeding even if the weather is well into the minuses . Then in the morning no deer.
    Second rule remeber what they feel at 2 feet off the ground is some times a lot different to the wind in our faces at 6 ft

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    6.5 is dead on with his points.
    After a period of rain over a couple of days you will find them keen to get into any sunshine available.


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