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Thread: golf course vermin control legalities?

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    golf course vermin control legalities?

    hello all,

    i have just been offered rabbit and fox shooting on a local 18 hole golf course with club house , there is forestry around the boundry and an A road as well. the reason for the owner asking me due to damage on greens and thefts of rubbish around the clubhouse mainly by foxes. i was wondering if there are any legalities going onto a golf course and if so what can i do to make sure everything is 100% legal and above board.


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    You will have to keep your phone turned off and wear stupid looking shoes.

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    true mate true!!! better start buying pringle sweaters!

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    If you miss a fox by less than 6" you can ask it for a gimme.

    If it is the owner(of the land) who asked you and your ticket is not restricted I do not see a problem.

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    haha yes just under par! yes he asked my and there are no restrictions on my ticket. apart from contacting the police and placing signage at the entrance of thr golf course. it will be during the hours of darkness anyway using a lamp and a golf buggy.

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    As far as I am aware there are no legal problems with shooting golf courses, apart from what is common with other land. The biggest problems come from people! I have done a fair bit of vermin control on golf courses and in years gone by it was pretty staightforward. Nowadays I have come up against constant problems, there are people on the course from first to last light. There is acivity around the clubhouses till late and people seem to walk dogs across the courses at all hours.
    Frankly it can be a bit of a nightmare as to where someone will pop up! Finally there are the antis. Apart from this, no probs!

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    thanks for your advice old keeper, yes i suppose the general public are expected on land such as this and the typical anti gun people as well, as long as typical common sense applications are taken signage, police notification, etc, everything should be ok.

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    Agree with Old Keeper here. Can be a nightmare. Most Golf Courses belong to the membership and not a single owner. Amongst the members there will be antis, constant dog walkers, golfers from early, early morning to late, late evening, youngsters creeping about in bushes looking for stray golf balls.

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    yeah i agree gazza, i just want to make sure i have every angle covered. thanks for all advice this evening!

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    I shoot a couple of golf courses, as you say post notices, you will find the rabbits and foxes are used to golf buggys, it sort of takes any sport out of it.

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