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Thread: Hello from Mike Hague

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    Hello from Mike Hague


    Having been advised to post an introduction I thought I should comply. I have lived in South Wales for the last 14 years although originally from East Yorkshire.

    Do a bit of stalking and game shooting as well as attempting to train the odd gundog. Have done roe stalking predominantly in Somerset and Devon and have a number of centre fire rifles (.243, 6.5, .270 & .308). Enjoy both the Fallow and Red stag rut but do like my roe woodland stalking.

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    Hello Mike Hague
    Victory goes to the player who makes the next-to-last mistake..

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    hello mate.
    a question what part of e yorks
    and i like people who dont hide behind a handle

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    From Goole (Old Goole) originally via Sheffield then London and now South Wales. Used to be in game shooting syndicates at Escrick Park and Sandhall.

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    I shoot 1 side of escrick park maybe twice a season.

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    I use to be in Terry Carr's syndicate for 13 years and we shot the Park side with Ian Bell as the keeper. I think Ian is still there (good bloke).

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    I have shot the other side for 3 years.
    Yes ian is still there I think.
    Never met him.
    regards john

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    Welcome to the site.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    hi mike good to see youve sighned up to the S D .
    I look forward to shooting some high devon pheasants with you in years to come .
    regards pete .

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