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Thread: DMQ Level 1

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    DMQ Level 1


    I passed my DMQ level 1 with David Stretton way back in 2001.

    Am I correct to assume that it would just be a question of reregistering to start my level 2 or has anything changed that I'm not aware of?



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    Yes - just register in the 'normal' way.

    In strict terms several of the original DSC1 questions and answers have changed since 2001, but off top of my head I dont recall any that would present a material hurdle to completing L2 process. I'll check and if wrong come back - assuming not pounced on in interim!
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    May sound a daft question but how do I go about re registering for level 2?

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    Give Sue Griffith a ring on Monday morning at BASC and she will talk you through it

    01244 573018


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    or download the application form from the bds, get yourself two passport sized mugshots and a cheque for a hundred and ten snots and bingo! got mine in the post this week!
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    One question, did you upgrade your DSC I?

    DSC1 includes an assessment for Trained Hunter for Large Game only. On completion of DSC1 you are issed with a certificate that is recognised by Game Dealers.

    Any DSC1 holder registered before 1 May 2006 who has not converted to Trained Hunter, may do so by sitting a Game Meat Hygiene assessment (by arrangement with any Assessment Centre) and paying the appropriate fee to the Assessment Centre. This fee will include the re-assessment cost plus a payment of 15 to DMQ for the re-issue of the certificate.

    Regards JCS

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    I never upgraded my DSC1. I better do the meat hygiene first I think......

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    I've read through the DMQ bumf.

    Unless I've missed something, neither Trained Hunter status nor a Game Meat Hygiene Assessment is a pre-requisite for DSC2 Registration.

    There were thousands of WSCC and DSC's awarded before 2001. All this uprating business is a bit vague, but looks like another nice little earner for DMQ and partners.
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    I agree the FAQs are not clear on this point, but my understanding is that an up to date DSC I is a pre-requisite for registering for a DSC II. DMQ will check when the candidate quotes their DSC I number and know straight away it's not been updated.

    Regards JCS

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    Regardless of needing trained hunter for DSC2, get it asap. Many will debate the merits of these qualifications, but if you are going to do them keep them current and add trained hunter.

    An outdated qualification= no qualification, updating it will probably be a good investment.

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