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Thread: frustrating sunday morning stalk

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    frustrating sunday morning stalk

    i set out at about 5am this morning , parking at a layby i hopped the gate and made the lung busting climb to my woods its about a mile walk on a near 45 degree angle over a grouse shoot , the ground levels out at the top of the hill where my wood is,

    i turned the last corner before the entrance to the wood and there not 20 yrds inside the boundary was a fine roebuck, my rifle wasnt even out its slip , but there was no way id take a shot from outside the fence as the gamekeeper on the grouse shoot is a bit prickly to say the least , so i tried to navigate the gate as quietly as i could but with one leap the buck was gone into deep cover

    i stalked the half mile or so up the ride to the high seat without seeing anything,, , i climbed the high seat and turning round to sit down i spotted the arse of a red stag dissapearing down the ride opposite the seat , great

    i sat for four hours without seeing anything else , it started to really piss down so i called it a day , just one of those days but it was great to be outside away from it all again as its been a while since ive been out because of work etc

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    You know what they say. A bad days shooting is better than a good day at work. Better luck next time

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    If it makes you feel any better i've been out friday evening, saturday morning and evening and this morning and all ive seen are does.
    And on top of that I have had cubs move from the neighbouring estate into a large field of maize which is now full of pheasants.

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    Been very quiet in yorkshire for weeks, but we did shoot 1 this morning

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    on a different day it might have been an easy roe and a gift of a red, it's always a good day when you see the beasts

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul at barony View Post
    on a different day it might have been an easy roe and a gift of a red, it's always a good day when you see the beasts
    its was just good to be out paul , clear the cobwebs

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