A friend of mine is training in the art of dog grooming.
If anyone can help Amy she would be very grateful. This is what she posted on another forum.

I no this might be a long shot as i dont think we have any membes close enough to me but ....

Does anyone in the Cheshire/Staffordshire area own or no someone (friends/family/work colleagues) that owns either any breed of spaniel, any breed of setter, a poodle or a bedlington terrier.

I am desperate for these breeds of dog to take in to college with me to groom as im training to be a fully qualified dog groomer and each of these dogs are a specialist cut.

I am willing to pick up and drop off your dog after grooming and they will look just like they have been the groomers

This is also free of charge. Everything that is done is under supervision of a fully qualified tutor.