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    hi every one,just new to this site, i am in many ways a new comer to deer stalking but also a lot of experiance if that makes sense, i have accompanied an experiance stalker for about 6yrs having lost touch throu work me moving away.. so am no gonna try take the correct rout to gaining correct qualities to go stalking my self that where i count my self as the new comer... i plan on gaining my gun lisence and taking my dsc level 1 in the next few weeks and let the fun begin.. if any one has any pointers in which things todo before i set out myself then i am open to all sugestions thanks david

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    welcome to the site. all the information you will require is written on these pages somewhere. if not just ask and you will get what your looking for im sure.

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    Welcome to the site, +1 on marineboy's comments.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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