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Thread: some pics from the BDS weekend

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    some pics from the BDS weekend

    Some pics from the weekend, the saturday was well attended with some bringing there dogs and others trying to make up there minds on which breed to get.

    The sunday was for handlers and there dogs to work a trail, some doing 3hrs old trails and others doing 20hrs old trails, all dogs passed there test with a first or second, as you can see there was a good selection of breeds to see working with Hanavarians,Bavarians,Lab's and a wire hair vizla.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cookingfat View Post
    Enjoyed the day, thank you. Cannot remember what the race of the "woolly" one was. Can you help?

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    the woolly one was the very fine wire hair vizia of Trevor's, and as one of the judges i can tell you he was in the frame for best dog of the day, the 3hr old trail he had drawn was probably the most difficult one with woodland and corn stubble which was home at that time to about twenty pheasants.

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    "The Wirehaired Vizsla is a completely separate breed from its more commonly seen smooth-coated cousin. The Wirehaired Vizsla was developed in the 1930s, initially by Vasas Jozsef, owner of the Csabai vizsla kennel along with Gresznarik Laszlo, who owned the de Selle German Wirehaired Pointer kennel. Their aim was to produce a dog that combined the color of the Vizsla with a heavier coat, and a more substantial frame, better suited for working in cold weather and retrieving from icy water."

    The above from wikipedia

    Interesting, a hunting mix like the BS.

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    A wounderful breed of dog and i know it can work very well on deer a friend of mine working the very first Wirevisla on deer in the uk and i was privilaged enough to see her work.This was only 15 years ago but it dose not take long for a dog that has a very soft nature to get ruined by the pet market.Sadly now under worked and over priced.

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    looked a good weekend and some nice pic's
    good to see rob and his Hano there
    what comments did Kim give about it all as I know he is keen to promote such events
    but most of all
    you did well my freind
    so thumbs up big time

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