The weekend was organised by the Wessex branch of the BDS. The trainer a highly experienced danish judge and tracker, Kim Jorensen. Cooking fat arranged an excellent organisation as well as lunch, thank you both.

On the Saturday, introduction day, a full house which I am told was enjoyed by all. Hope somebody on the that course will write a report.

On the Sunday first, a more advance class consisting of a 400 yard track trough woodlands with plenty pheasants for 4 dogs. The track was about 3-4 hours old. Two labradors, one BS and one? took part. All passed and got their diploma.

Then in the afternoon more 400 yard tracks for 2 HS's, Robbo with Origo and myself with Hera. T
These tracks were not only 20 hours old; that was no problem for both hounds but they also contained a "Danish Twist" in the form of a 25 yard return track. Both hounds failed on this, most likely for not practising enough on this specifically and had to be corrected by the judge. Thus no first prizes but "only" a 2nd and and 3rd.

Most enjoyable as well as useful as it picked up a weakness in the training, we will have to work on that.