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Thread: Lee Breech Lock Challenger Reloading Kit

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    Lee Breech Lock Challenger Reloading Kit

    is this kit any good and if so what els would i need as i am totaly new to reloading

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    it will certainly do the job !

    i started off with not much more than that , that set up with lee dies will produce amunition that will clover leaf and that is a fact !

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    I bought the anniversary kit with the intention of upgrading to RCBS when funds allowed, but to be perfectly honest the LEE kit does everything I need.
    The scales are a bit fiddly to set up but once you get the weight right the powder thrower measures the loads with good consistency. It could get tricky if you want to load for more than one calibre, in which case I'd recommend a set of digital scales. I only load for .223 so I just leave the powder measure set at 25grns, it could be a hassle if I was to keep swapping from .223 to .243 but I just use factory .243 rounds for the amount I use.

    In addition to the kit you will need a set of dies, a case trimmer, a case holder, vernier calipers and possibly a kinetic hammer.
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    +1 with si and lee, mine bought as a birthday present,(beats hell out of socks) reloading .223, 6mm rem and .243 at moment, tend to use scoops more than the scales or powder thrower (some inconsistencies with weights).
    an excellent budjet kit

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    I have just bought the Lee Breech Lock Challenger Kit from the midland game fair and I am over the moon with it. I loaded some 50gn Nosler the other day with IMR8208 XBR and the are doing 1/2'' group @ 100yds.

    I am also a novice reloader but talk about addictive, all I want to do is clean brass and measure powder.

    By the way with regard to case cleaning I bought a ultra sonic cleaner from maplins for 25.00 and it does a fantastic job.


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