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Thread: Schmidt & Bender

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    Schmidt & Bender

    Hoping to get the opportunity of some driven boar, early next year, and thinking about suitable scopes.

    In particular looking at the S&B 1.1-4 x 24, or the 1.5-6x42 Zenith with the No2 Flash-Dot reticle. Would be grateful for thoughts on magnification choice but in particular the reticle choice. Have looked at the Zeiss/Swarov equivalents, and not really taken with the single central dot, and in particular the swarov illumination device.

    As a second thought the scope will double up hopefully in the future on a heavy rifle for Africa.

    A third thought anybody used a 9.3 x 62 on boar etc??



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    The 42mm scope will not slow your rifle down much compared to the smaller one but will give you more scope for high tower/seat work. Both are great pieces of workmanship.
    9.3x62 pretty common on the driven boar shoots in Alsace and appears to drop the big boys without any trouble.
    Purists may say that the big Africa rifle should be open sight but if I was accustomed to sights I would prefer a red dot reticle over open sights. If you can hit running piggies you can hit other moving targets.

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    got a rearly nice Docter 2.5-10x48 30mm tube number 4 ret be great for your needs new boxed unused £450.00 posted.

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    The 1.1-4 is a great scope, perfect for running boar. If you are thinking of dangerous game in Africa in the future, this might be the way to go. However, it is pretty specialised, if you are only going to the continent once a year for boar, it is hard to justify the price.

    The 1.5-6x42 is a much more generally useful scope in the UK, and is a great scope for woodland stalking. I would buy this now unless you were sure you were going to Africa for big stuff in the next year or two.

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    Thanks for the advice, good to hear either scope will do.

    Thanks for the offer Paul, but looking for a lower magnification range, good luck with the sale.

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    I use Aimpoint on my 9.3 X62 for the drivenhunt. + 285grs. RN bullets. Very effective up to 100m shooting. In the woods during hunting is rarely such open area. For my part, typically up to 50m. Aimpoint is as perfect for quick follow up shots. Togeher with 8x57JS, lovley cal. for boar and larger beasts......

    In addition to the Aimpoint I use a Meopta 4X32, German 4. Much cheeper then other "big 3", but very good quality....
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    Hi mate,

    Ive got an R93 in 9.3x62 which is great on all our game here in Aus. Ive been using Privi (branded as Highland here) and Norma Oryx projies both in 286gn. These do the job well although I'm about to load some 293gn RWS Uni Classic (TUG) for it. Relatively light recoil and hits hard.

    On top Ive got a S+B 1.5-6x42 with a FD7 Reticle. Great scope and rugged as hell. I went for it over a 1.1-4 for the slightly better low light performance and higher top end magnification. It does have less FOV than the smaller scope though.

    I also have an Aimpoint H1 for this rifle and find it great. Lightweight and fast. Having said that though, not much faster than the S+B. Not that it's designed for range shooting, but I get almost as good groups at 100m with the Aimpoint as I do the scope, so there's no questions about them being accurate.
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    Thanks Schultz and Scott, the more I hear about the 9.3x62 the more I like the idea! Oh dear that means even deeper digging!


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    PPU bullet and Lapua Mega are identical in both weight and shape, performance too. I use same load for PPU as for Lapua Mega, no differece att all. Only Price in favor of PPU

    After some years in the woods with it, I like it more and more. Some say that it is no caliber for long distance, but with Acubond 260grs I have try it on paper targets on 200m....very nice groups....and I belive it hits very hard too....

    Sorry, if I am off toppic
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    Schultz that's interesting about the Mega's and the PPU's. There was an excellent review of 9.3 projectiles done a while ago on an Aussie hunting forum including sectional photo's of all the available projectiles which had been cut in half. It therefore showed jacket thickness and any mechanical bonding features of each of them. I'd post a link but don't know the rules on here about links to other forums. Cheers. Sorry to go O/T as well if anyone thinks I have.

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