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Thread: Choosing and Fitting a red dot?

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    Choosing and Fitting a red dot?

    I would like to try a Red dot scope on my Mauser 03 for Driven Boar in Germany.

    1. Which is the best?

    2. Which is the best value for money?

    3. MOA values - which is best for game shooting at 30 - 80 m?

    4. The mauser 03 Picatinny mounting is expensive (308) and leaves a very high eye relief has anyone got an alternative?

    Thanks AB

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    I have a optimate reddot sight from Edgar brother's ( made in japan not china!) had it on my 12 bore semi auto with slugs and on the .444 marlin does what you want it to do .
    It has a .4 Moa dot on it and i think i paid 90 new 5 years ago and it still keeps on going
    "a man does good business when he rids himself of a turd"

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    aim point..milatary spec

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    Buy a Aimpoint. Quality made in Sweden. 30mm tube, will fit your Mauser mounts . The hunting range of Aimpoint sights is just as good as the military model.
    I have the micro on my slug gun.

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    I have had a look through Jagare's aimpoint, very nice......

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    Going to check out qn aimpoint this weekend Thanks to all. AB

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    Have used aimpoint on driven boar in germany and they are mega but quite expensive. Someone else posted a similar request recently and last time I looked Frankonia Jagd had 25 & 30% of red dots for centre fires.

    Don't know if they mail order to UK but you could always collect if your there!!

    The website can be translated online.

    The likes of the lower variable magnification Schmidts might be worth considering too, unsure if you can get them illuminated as have never looked but maybe more flexible for other stalking as well as driven.

    Regards Mick
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    Tried the Aimpoint and it is a lovely bit of kit but for the 450 and then 308 for new mounts _ it is a balance between spending money on kit or hunting. Hunting wins so it is another winter on open sites for the driven stuff. Thanks for all the replies.

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