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    Anyone looking for an extra beater this season?

    Looking for somewhere within striking distance of Stockport.



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    Try this site. Not as rude as it sounds. Cheers AB
    NOBs National Organisation of Beaters and Pickers Up - Similar
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    19 Oct 2010 A site which allows beaters, pickers up and loaders to link up with gamekeepers across the country through the National Organisation of ...

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    Hi there

    Thanks for the info. Is already had a look there, but appears that you have to be a member to access site. Is that right?


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    yes, you have to join up. Why not have a look at "Guns on Pegs" and see what shoots there may be near to you. Some of the shoots they have are pretty big ones so they might need beaters or the keeper might put you in touch with one that does.


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    have a look at www.pubs.myfunforum its free,no need to be a member and a friendly lot.

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