Hi Guys,

Just a small heads up for my friend Abrie Arlow at Pronk Hunting in SA.

I have hunted with Abrie several times, and you could not ask to meet a more down to earth, genuine human being.

Before i start, i have no financial angle on this posting, unlike most people who add a percentage onto the prices of an outfitter they have hunted with a couple of times, and call themselves a "Sporting Agent". I simply want to try and drum up some more UK based business for Abrie, and for you guys based over here to be put directly in contact with an SA based outfitter, with NO middlemen involved.

Abrie sent me an email today with some prices for 2011/2012 on a couple of new areas he has picked up.

prices are in local currency SA Rand, so you will need to convert with XE - The World's Favorite Currency and Foreign Exchange Site or similar.

Daily Rate R2000 includes all your accomodation, meals and PH fees, also includes trophy preparation and all necessary permits, documentation, and transport of trophies to Andre Van Rooyen Taxidermists, who do outstanding work and are a very professional outfit.

It does not include your transfer in or out of camp, nor does it cover any taxidermy work, or the shipping of your trophies back to the UK.

a selection of trophy fees, all trophies will be as close to Rowland Ward standard as physically possible, but obviously depends on factors such as your personal fitness and mental determination, not to mention your hunting and shooting skills.

Warthog. R. 1400
Common Duiker. R. 2600
Common Blesbuck. R. 1950
Impala. R. 2400
Zebra (burchell). R. 8500
Nyala. R. 15000
Waterbuck. R. 13000
Kudu. R. 14000
Bushbuck. R. 7500

If any of this sounds remotely interesting to you, or you would just like some more info please look at PronkJAG Hunting Safaris - HOME

Abrie also specialises in exotic animals, so maybe you might fancy something unusual like a Cameroon Dwarf Goat, or a Scimitar Horned Oryx, or even a Watusi, just drop him a line and he can put a package together for you.