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Thread: cheap stalking/shooting car

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    cheap stalking/shooting car

    Gents (and ladies),

    I had enough of my 8mpg 4.7L V8 petrol jeep,,it was just too sickeningly expensive in fuel and I felt like an idiot pumping so much of my income into it.

    So instead I'll be getting a more normal road car, which only leaves me with a 2K budget for a stalking/shooting/fishing car. I need this to be a 4x4 style SUV due to the way I use it.

    any recommendations ideas, or is it just not feasible? I believe there may be a Freelander or two kicking around at these prices?....

    good to hear your thoughts, as long as they don't promote me getting a 6.5x55 or a Blaser

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    Have a look at the suzuki vitara real tough little 4x4,with a 2.0l turbo diesel engine I have a friend who bought one new 10 years ago drives it everywhere 190.000mls on the clock, and in that time its been totally reliable with just the usual maintanence very economical to boot he swears by it, I will give it serious consideration when it comes to changing my own current vehicle

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    Subaru Forester gets a good write-up?
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    +1 Jimny.


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    I guess the good thing about the Jimny is that if it gets stuck in the mud, you just lift it out?

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    The Forester is an excellent car but is not at all good on fuel. I have a thirsty Mitsu Challenger 3 litre and have looked often at the Vitara range. They seem to be very good indeed but I wasn't overly impressed with their fuel figures. I could buy an awful lot of petrol for what it would cost to change and would miss the comfort and off road performance to say nothing of the space, of the Mitsu. However when the time does come it will almost certainly be one of the Suzuki range.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PKL View Post
    I guess the good thing about the Jimny is that if it gets stuck in the mud, you just lift it out?

    It dont get stuck

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