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Thread: Mounts for Tikka

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    Mounts for Tikka

    Hi guys,

    Looking at purchasing a 2nd hand zeiss duralyte 3-10 x 50 with a 1" tube.
    I'll be mounting it to my tikka t3 lite stainless.

    What mounts would you recommend? I would like stainless mounts if possible, but obviously functionality is more important than aesthetics!


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    do optilocks not fit tikka?
    never used them but they are highly rated

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    i have optilocs on my 17 tikka m595 and well they do the job i am not keen.

    on the other tikka I have. i put burris weaver 2 piece bases on them. and some leupold weaver rings. much more solid imo

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    I have a set of stainless optilocs on my T3, they are rock solid never had a problem.
    ATB Tony

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    If you can find a Duralyte with a 25mm tube, I have a set of Tikka mounts on ebay right now.

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