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Thread: Elephants and deer should be culled.

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    Elephants and deer should be culled.

    I can hear the backlash now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    A brave man with his vocation! never to be seen again on the BBC.

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    Good for him.
    A man once said he might not believe what another man said but would defend his wright to say it with his life !

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    CP says what he thinks, and it's usually based on fair points. I'm glad he's got the characer to do that.

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    totally agree with him. good man

    i wonder if Bill oddie would agree?


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    A wildlife presenter talking sense for once, unfortunately they are not all so well adjusted as I have found out to my cost.

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    Good on him! Certainly attracted a lot of idiotic comments below the article. One that sticks in mind is "I'd like to kill any human that kills animals". Any true observer of nature can see that animals that live in a synthetic environment, ie with their natural predators taken away, must be controlled by synthetic means.
    I thought of a way to sort out population sizes once, just turn Everything off for a year or two, whoever's left after fending for themselves for all that time can then crack on. Survival of the fittest and all that. A bit extreme maybe, but it would save a lot of tax payers money! I might just jot that one down on a post it note and send it off to Chris and the UN!

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    The comments posted below the article are more than just a little frightening. There are some very strange people about.

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    Mr Packham deserves a pat on the back for standing up for what he thinks is right, not many do these days in the industry he works in.

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    Good for him, least he has the balls to be out spoken and put his neck on the line which is more than can be said about his old mucker Bill Odditty who if memory serves was once involved with the lacs.

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