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Thread: hurt and more than a little confused

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    hurt and more than a little confused

    let me paint the picture for you

    my daughter has severe cerebal palsy , she had meningitis at 2 weeks old , this was her first of a long line of battles , we have nearly lost her numerous times but by the grace of god she is still with us and still smiling

    she cant walk , talk ,and is fed through a tube in her belly , and lately we have found it harder to keep on top of other aspects of our lives for giving leigh the time and attention she needs , and as much as it went against the grain we asked for a social worker to help us maybe get a home help , the letter arrived today stating "we dont meet the required criteria" off the record we have been told its because we both work and own our own home

    as ive stated we are a little hurt and confused
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    Don't know what to say mate, the system is there for those who abuse and play it and fails those who help themselves the best they can.

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    It Sucks. Sorry for your situation. One of the many reasons I don't particularly like the way this country has gone. You can bet your bottom dollar that there will be some oxygen thief getting way more than they deserve who has never worked a day in his/her life but gets more than someone who earns the mimimum and gets on with life.

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    That's poor - no, scrub that, more than poor. Telling you things 'off the record' is not useful. Does the letter you've received give any specific detail? There must be a right of appeal to these sorts of things - have you thought of contacting Scope (Disability Charity | Disabled People | Cerebral Palsy | Scope UK) who can possibly assist you in your claim and point to a local support group? I know it's not the answer, but it has to be better than nothing.

    I know this doesn't help the hurt or the confusion - you're trying to do the best for your daughter in the most trying of circumstances - and I take my hat off to you - it's more than I could ever imagine to cope with - gives me a real sense of perspective....

    Stick with it - you all deserve it.

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    Dont know what to add. Buckup has said it. I bet your hurt and confused. Your local MP may be able to help. But they do say that god will only give you what your shoulders can bare. I hope you get it sorted somehow.

    Kindest regards

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    you should be able to take it too appeal i would and pester them again and again its a scandal that people who need it for real dont get the help they are entitled too yet so many fakers get it hope you get some change of heart asap for you all

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    oh yeah i forgot to mention , my tax bill for the year is 22k and i pay 5k a quarter in VAT , i seem to be working now to keep scroungers in a lifestyle i cant afford

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    mark i found out today that the grandaughter of my MSP was awarded 27k over 3 years to take her back and forth to dance classes ,

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    As usual if you pay into this country you get nothing in return,can you not put in an appeal or is the decision final

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    The system that we all pay in too as working people is not there for the likes of us,become a parisite and you will be advised and looked after and if you miss anything they will tell you as you fill in the forms.

    Hope all goes well.

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