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Thread: Need to watch this.

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    Thats one very lucky dumb f%%%ker.

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    I have never posted these letters before on the internet but OMG!

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    omg how stupid are some people

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    Lost for words to describe that

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    I have guns because i love shooting, what i hate is red tape and been screwed by a Dishonest Government.

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    One of my many tasks is to be the H&S officer of the local wildfowling club and after a game shooting day I was asked to look into actions of one of our new members.

    Because we are a wildfwling clud most new members have auto shotguns.

    On the first and third drive the new member was a standing gun and both drives were quite a long wait while the beater brought in a large area of rough ground.

    On the first drive he stood with the end of the barrel on his toes resting his chin on the end of the stock, at the end of the drive the shoot catain had a word with him about it being dangerous and the gun said it was not a problem as he had on the safety catch so he was told if he did it again he would be told to leave the shoot.

    On the third drive he had the gun the other way up with his chin resting on the end of the barrel so he was told to f**k off and not come back until he had learned some safety, so he complained to the committee which is where I came in.

    So we now do training days for new guns but they are onlly voluntary because we cant be seen to victimise them.

    (Health and Safety is a wonderfull thing) NOT
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    Quote Originally Posted by 243Sako View Post
    That has got to be fake!
    My first thoughts too, but looks more real each time I view it. I guess the thing that tipped the balance for me in thinking that it must be real was the fact it was from America.

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