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Thread: hello .

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    hello .

    hi guys im a another new member .
    not managed to get any land owners to ever let me aply for fire arms licence so never stalked a deer im afraid . iv been shooting since i was 9 so 25 years shooting !!
    im looking forward to getting to know you and learn more about this the best of past times .
    im a keen knife maker so maybe i can intrest you in my wears ?
    all the best , matt .

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    Hiya Matt

    welcome to SD. I see your a Nottm Lincs man. Whereabouts are you located ? You say you havent got a FAC, but as you shoot presumably you have a Shotgun Cert ? Are you a field shooter or clays ?

    Enjoy you're time on here. We're a friendly crew and are happy to advise or help in most things

    Oh and I love a good knife, as you'll find a lot of the people on here do. But before you start advertising them you'd better not fall foul of admin. If you want to sell things commercially you have to get trade status - if you think you need it just ask admin, but in the meantime feel free to personal mail (pm) me any piccies you have of your knives. To pm you just click on a name and click where it says pm

    All the best


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    Welcome to the site, good advice from scrun

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    thanks guys il take it under advisment . iv no plans to advertise yet im selling well else where but maybe one day il ask for trade status .
    no i no longer have a shotgun licence but shoot with friends at clay clubs from time to time .
    iv had a rough few years and things feild sports wise are not how id like them (not really able to partisipate) but i have been talking about doing my dsc1 for years and thought its about time i got it . i wanted to be part of the forum to ask questions and get more aquanted with the topic .
    i do have a quarry that i was promised permission on a year ago once safe , it holds some roe but so few it would probably ruin it if one where shot !!
    i live in a village called langford about 3 miles from newark , but i dont like admitting that ha ha . we are not from that area just ended up there because the property we now have .
    i have done a summer at buckmister estate under the head keeper there and studied at brooksby agricultral collage , game wild life and habitat managment . the bulk of my shooting has been rough shooting with shotguns and air rifle both competativly and feild shooting .
    iv waited so bloody long to attemt stalking if it take another year or two im sure it wont kill me .
    iv yet to explore the forum properly but im hoping there will be opertunitys to get out and have a shot or two even if i have to pay .
    all the best , matt .

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