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Thread: Hello from Spain

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    Hello from Spain

    Hi all,

    I am absolutely mad on stalking and bowhunting. I am living in Asturias, in the north of Spain, a place very peculiar: we have got bears, wolves, chamois, red deer, roe deer, fallow, wild boars and even some ibex. I am stalking, bowhunting and shooting (woodcock, pheasants, ducks and red legged pardrige) 11 months a year, it is quite good, isnīt it?

    Ok. I have been stalking once, two years ago, in England for muntjac. It was funny, not many in that moment but pretty nice.

    I am veterinary surgeron as well as others members of this forum and have found interesting some of the post here. So I will try to do my best!

    Anyway: Sorry because of my bad english!



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    Welcome, it sounds like you have some excellent shooting. You are one several non-UK friends here.

    Stand by for the questions about your dog! There's a strong canine interest on the forum as well.


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    Welcome Gerardo. It will interesting to see how the hunting is done in Spain, sounds like you have a lot of good hunting over there

    Look forward to reading more


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    Ok Snowstorm. Yes, I am very proud daschhund owner. I have 3 of them now for tracking wounded animals. Runa is awsome.

    If there is somebody Spanish speaker here Iīd advice to pay a visit to these sites: the web site of Spanish Roe Deer Association the site of Spanish trackers of wounden animal association



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    Hi and welcome. I have had a number of Spanish clients over the past 5 years, and they have all been excellant hunters.

    Welcome to the site, your english is much better than my Spanish

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    Buenos dias Elcorzo, bienvenido al foro.


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    welcome to the site, great to see another teckel owner out there. I greatly admire the Spanish hunting culture and you are lucky to have such diverse hunting oportunities.
    Look forward to reading your contributions.


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    You made it, welcome to the site. What he is not telling you gentlemen is that he happens to be the president of the Spanish roe deer association. I had a look at their website but my Spanish is non existent which is a pity because I bet it is full of interesting things.


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    Hola! Welcome to the site. On the land where I stalk we've had a number of Spanish guests over the years. Their respect for the quarry and enjoyment of the hunt is always noticeable. Hopefully you'll find the site both informative and enjoyable.


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    Hola Gerardo

    Welcome to the site, I like you are new and your english is a lot better than my spanish will ever be


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