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Thread: Too Hot ??

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    Too Hot ??

    Hello to the collective ...

    I have worked up loads for my Sako 85 in .243 using H414.

    I have used 70 grain nosler ballistic tips, 80s and 90s.

    All have ended up at half a grain away from the max loads stated in the Lee manual to achieve the best accuracy. getting 1/2 inch groups.

    The thing is all the loads are flattening the primers, but there are no other signs of pressure, no heavy bolt lift and cases all look fine.

    Is this ok.???Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMGP0612.jpg 
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ID:	9355Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMGP0613.jpg 
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ID:	9354 The left hand one is the flat primer , the one on the right is a light load for comparrison...

    Also i have worked up my 100 grain loads and have come to 39.5 grains of H414, which is half a grain away from max, and havent got close to an accurate load yet, no signs of pressure yet, so i suppose i carry on and see how good they get?

    Thanks for looking.

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    What primer are you using? some will show flattening earlier than others. If you see a slight rim around the edge of the strike or get a sticky bolt lift you've gone too far and need to back off some. Work up in small increments as a small increase in charge weight can give a huge increase in pressure when you get close to max pressures.

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    They are Federal 210 primers....



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    Hi Nick, your rifle may not shoot the 100gr well at all, if you are getting 1/2" with your lighter loads out if a factory rifle, I would call it a day and go and shoot the thing.

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    Yes i will do just that..

    90 grain noslers and 70 grainers shoot 1/2 inch all day...

    But what about a trip to scotland in the near future???


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    Federal 210's are fairly soft IME so will flatten early. To get good results from the longer 100gr bullets you'll need a TRUE 1 in 10 twist, preferably tighter.

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    Hi Rabbit.

    It is a 1 in 10 measured..

    Think i will go up in 0.25 grains now then..



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    0.2gr increments a good plan. Just curious, what bullet are you using?

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    Quote Originally Posted by foggy View Post
    Yes i will do just that..

    But what about a trip to scotland in the near future???

    that's what Norma 100g SP's factory loaded are for. I can testify they will shoot 1/2" or better all day out of a bog standard sako 75 .243 1:10 RH 20" barrel.

    keep the handloads for the 'every day', and just buy a box of Norma's for the trips to the highlands if you're only going for a few stags or hinds/calves. when you look at the performance of Norma rounds, you realise that (for a stalker) handloading is done for other reasons than accuracy...

    Just paid 32 for a box today, sent shivers down my spine,,,but then again, I'll have 20 nice new cases to reload from as well
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    That sounds good to me PKL, but if Norma can do it, then i cant see why handloads shouldnt be better, EVENTUALY.. :-)

    Rabbit, they are Hornady BTSP i think, Boat tails. Think i may try some flat base bullets and keep going.

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