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Thread: Agent wanted for hunting in Africa

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    Agent wanted for hunting in Africa

    Good day... I joined this site specifically to understand the UK hunter and market a little better. Anyway... hear we go…we are currently in the process of expanding our market to include the UK.

    We are seeking an agent ( just one !!) in the UK that can promote our company for us. The typical person would obviously be a hunter, not necessarily have African experience but defiantly have a passion for hunting… we guess him... or her…. Would be older than 35 and be in a senior position in there own vocation.

    This person would need to travel to South Africa and hunt with us for fourteen days…(yes at a cost but minimal to the experience) you need to show some commitment… if you were given the rites to sell a product you would be expected to invest in stock. ( you are looking at about US$1300)

    You would require 14 days so you can experience the whole offering…. We would hunt in many parts of the country …. You would shoot (hopefully) at least 5 animals…all trophy class….This is what would be on the list - (Nyala, Kudu, Brindled Gnu, Zebra, Impala, Springbuck, Gemsbuck, Bushbuck, Blesbuck , White Tailed Gnu, duiker, ) The trophy’s remain yours.

    We will hunt in a big 5 area as well so you can get the full experience… the whole trip will be filmed and documented (for a good reason)

    In total we will travel about 3500km and hunt in 4 different bio-spheres …..(this will include the accomadation, food and drinks, trackers, PH , traveling, etc etc ) you will then be basically our guy in the UK.

    The objective then is for us to start marketing at the appropriate show or event and generate leads from the hunt, your hunt will be the feature of our presentations. (That is why it will be filmed) We will come over for this.

    Yes there is remuneration… it is normally between 10%-15% depending on margins etc etc… yes we need to make a profit….

    We will get a legal firm to draw up a contract stipulating each point and agreement just so that all are comfortable….then it is all systems go. This is a long term project on our part…..

    You wont get rich but the little money you do make will be fun……

    You can check us out at

    Please send me a PM if you are interested….. don’t answer the thread PLEASE….



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    We have had a huge response on this thread ….and thanks to all those that responded, the level of knowledge in the UK is astounding and the advice given was most welcome. We have a commitment from a member and his particulars will be made known after his “introduction” hunt … (if he survives) …..again … thanks to all that responded.

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