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Thread: Starter Pistols.

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    Starter Pistols.

    does anyone know the law regarding starter pistols do they need to be kept in a locked cabnit?

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    On the basis you can buy a starting pistol without an FAC the answer is no.


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    If you were Joe Public and had one at home and some scrote burgalled you and the offending weapon was left at the scene of the crime with your DNA on it....

    Now, if you were a law abiding FAC holder.......

    Question answered, I believe.


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    Starting Pistols are treated like any other non-firearm lookalike. You do not have to lock them up but if used for a criminal purpose they count as a firearm. You are free to use them on your own premises and private property where you have permission and newly purchased ones now have orange paint on them to distinguish them from proper firearms

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