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Thread: Hind stalking near Glencarron

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    Hind stalking near Glencarron

    Hi all,
    bit of a recce this. Going up to Glencarron for a week, 21st-28th of October, with the family and some friends. Anybody on here stalk around there? Me and two other boys would like a crack at a hind or two. Two of us are fairly experienced, one total novice. Because it's mainly a family holiday, nobody's taking a rifle, so estate rifles would be needed, and most likely it'll only be one day we're needing.

    If anybody can do something for us please send me a note saying where you are and what it'll sting us. The picture is of where we're staying.

    All the best,

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    The keeper for that estate is Brian Watson (although he may have retired by now). He lives in the house opposite Glencarron Lodge on the A890 Lochcarron to Achnasheen road. Or you could try Ledgowan which is by Achnasheen; that estate was sold recently but the keeper lives next to Ledgowan Lodge which is close by the Ledgowan Lodge Hotel. A lot of the ground round around Lochcarron is Forestry Commission.

    Good luck


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    I have stalked Glencarron and Coulin and can thoroughly reccomend both. Brian's son took a load of military novices out for me and was brilliant. Pm sent with the owner's email address (he manages bookings).

    Alternatively try Coulin. Neil is brilliant and chats all day long, get him to show you his sea trout hatchery.

    More hinds to shoot on Glencarron but more fun on Coulin is my view. And Coulin is beautiful with stunning Caledonian pine, Neil also feeds the stags at the start of a hind day which is interesting.


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    Thanks for your info fellas, it's really appreciated. I've heard Glencarron has stalkers out while we're there, so I'll give Neil at Coulin a call. Once again, thanks for your time!

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