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Thread: My first decent red, very happy indeed!

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    Smile My first decent red, very happy indeed!

    I recently was lucky enough to be asked to control a herd of reds on the Norfolk/Suffolk border, it has turned out to be an amazing patch, and is utterly crawling with deer. Since the start of the season I have had 10 stags off the site and the neighbouring farm, most of which have been prickets and yearlings etc. The rut seemed to kick off about 2 weeks ago here, and I started to see more mature animals, last week I shot two (one 8 pointer and another 10) but both were very young animals each weighing in at 108kg, no more than 3 years old or so. Tonight however I think I met their old man........Attachment 9359Attachment 9358 The second picture has the previous 8 pointer within his span, that's one deer I won't be forgetting in a hurry.

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    very nice heads mate. is it better to be lucky than hansom

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    yes that is a cracking head how heavy was he compared to others i am looking forward to my first red as well but im still new to all this so will keep at the roe for now lol well done again


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    well done nice animals

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    Nice! you don't get many of them on the bare northern hills! you southerners are lucky with the size of your trophy's!

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    Need a hand? I'm clean, polite and well behaved Nice stag.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    That certainly is a fine beast there mate. Well done, you are a lucky man to have such good ground to stalk on, I'm quite envious!

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    very nice red there, well done, big round this area arnt they lol

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    Why don't you wait till they get big and mature before you shoot them!

    That is nowt compared to what Norfolk/ Suffolk can produce if not shot until their going back.

    Look at places like Euston etc. where they have Red Stag management programs and shoot a very small number each year but with good management and food and peace and quiet can produce very large heads.

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    He weighed in at 145kg this morning at the game dealers, most that have been coming off this ground have been 90-110, so I'm happy with that. As far as leaving them till they are going back, you're not wrong about the ones around Euston, however this is a herd that has thus far been largely unstalked and are causing huge amounts of damage to the local farms, his bigger brothers will be getting left, fear not, 9 of the ten or so that have come off there since August have been classic cull animals, I am really not fussed about chasing the big trophies, (they are more hassle than they are worth to boil out, and look a tad out of place in my 70's bungalow!).
    Really looking forward to hitting the hinds though, that's where the management really begins.

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